The Cuisine
The Cuisine

El Brellin

the flavors of tradition

Brellin’s cuisine enhances the traditional flavors of Milan. Traditional Milanese cuisine meets some of our chef’s reinterpretations, ensuring maximum authenticity.

Must-try dishes

Brellin’s must-try dishes include His Majesty the Schnitzel, strictly veal on the bone and cooked in clarified butter. The saffron risotto and Ossobuco (veal shank) in gremolada cannot be missed.

your needs

The Chef has always been very attentive to the needs of all those with allergies or food intolerances, as well as those who by choice do not eat certain dishes. In these cases, we kindly ask our customers to communicate about this directly to our staff, who are happy to offer personalized and curated variations of our dishes.

Ristorante El Brellin,
Vicolo dei Lavandai, Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 14
Milano, Italy

T. +39 02.58101351